Look After your Skin Naturally and Avoid Suffering from Rosacea

9 Sep

natural rosacea treatmentRosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people the world over. In the majority of cases the condition affects your face and begins with bouts of flushing, where the skin reddens. There are several remedies that are known to be effective, including a natural rosacea treatment.

Other Symptoms of Rosacea

If left untreated, other symptoms may develop. These include:

* Patches of burning or stinging

* Permanent reddening

* Spots and/or blisters forming

* Threads of blood vessels just under the outer surface of the skin becoming visible.

In more severe cases, the skin may become thick and enlarged. If this happens, it is usually around the nose area. By availing yourself of a natural rosacea treatment once the condition has been first diagnosed, you stand a better chance of avoiding the condition becoming severe.

Avoiding the Triggers of Rosacea

As with some other skin conditions, such as eczema, the exact cause of rosacea is not known. However, there are certain conditions (as reported by sufferers) that are known to trigger the condition. These include:


Sunlight is at the top of the tree of reported triggers. If you find that you are susceptible to rosacea, then you should wear a sun block every time you go outside, even when it’s not sunny. The reason for this is that many components of sunlight are not filtered out by cloud. This means that if one of these components is your trigger point, it will still be there, even on a cloudy day; so you must take appropriate precautions.


Stress is the 2nd most common trigger, so an obvious but altogether natural rosacea treatment, is managing your stress levels. Things that can help you to reduce stress include:

* Adopting a regular exercise regime

* Eating a healthy well-balanced diet

* Availing yourself of enough sleep

Avoid Rigorous Exercise

You need to be careful with exercise because rigorous exercise can in itself actually trigger an outbreak of rosacea. So when constructing your exercise regime you should concentrate on including activities such as walking and/or swimming. These are less intensive exercises and are therefore much more unlikely to act as rosacea triggers.

Other reported triggers of rosacea include diet and cold weather. In terms of diet you should try to avoid alcohol and spicy food. In terms of the weather, cold winds are already notorious for reddening skin. If you have to go out into the cold weather, scarf and/or balaclava

Certain relaxation techniques can help as well. These include:

* Taking the breathing exercises

* Partaking in meditation

* Practicing yoga

The great thing about all of these exercises is that each one is in effect a natural rosacea treatment.

Use Organic Skin Care Pads Nightly

As with all skin conditions, you will stand a far better chance of avoiding the likes of rosacea and eczema if you follow an organic skincare program. The nightly use of organic skin care pads just before you go to bed every night can act as a great natural rosacea treatment. It may actually stop you from contracting this condition in the first place.


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    Would love to try!

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