Can You Improve Your Skin By Drinking More Water?

9 Jan

Okay, before we even begin taking about whether or not water consumption benefits your skin, I would first like to say something: You should be drinking water regardless of what it can or can’t do for your skin. Water affects virtually every aspect of your health. Remember, if you don’t consume water in one form or another, you will die, and it won’t take very long either. It really is a vital substance, in that it is essential for numerous bodily functions. The average adult human being is advised to drink around eight glasses of water per day, although this can vary depending on one’s circumstances. Among the many benefits to be had from drinking enough water are:

  • It helps to maintain the balance of fluids within the body
  • It can help to reduce calorie intake for those who are on diet
  • It helps to prevent muscle fatigue
  • It is essential for kidney health
  • It helps to maintain normal bowel function
  • It is essential for the skin

drinking water
Now, water is also not some sort of magic bullet capable of solving all our problems, but it can certainly help our bodies to cope with problems more efficiently. When it comes to skin health, we need to remember that the skin contains a lot of water. Without the water, your skin will become dry, and if you have lines and wrinkle, they’ll also look worse that they need to.

Drinking a ton of water should not be seen as a skin solution, but instead, it should be seen as being a part of a skin solution. Water won’t suddenly make your wrinkles disappear, just as it won’t make you look 20 years younger than you are. Remember, once your body is adequately hydrated, any more water that you drink will simply be processed by the kidneys and then expelled as urine.

Your skin covers a large area, which of course means that fluid retained in the skin can evaporate quite quickly. This is why so many people use creams and lotion in a bid to slow down evaporation, and in doing so, they can keep their skin adequately moisturized. There are countless products on the market, but I personally wouldn’t recommend anything other than organic skin care products.


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