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Acne it’s Not Just for Teenagers

2 Aug

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Pimple, zit or come dome, whatever name you choose to call it acne is a frustrating condition. Acne is a skin disorder marked by reddened skin and lesions. Pimples most commonly form in adolescents but can continue or even develop later in life. Generally speaking, acne is not dangerous but it can cause significant issues with self-esteem.


In order to treat acne appropriately it is important to understand how it forms and why. Your skin is covered with tiny hair follicles better known by most as pores. These pores extend down through several layers of skin and produce oils along with tiny hairs. Inside your pores skin cells are constantly dying, which usually doesn’t cause a problem because they are carried up and out of your skin via the sebum (oil) produced in the same follicle. Acne occurs when the pore becomes clogged or closed off.

How do pores become blocked? Dirt and oils from your hands is one way pores can become closed off leading to a buildup of sebum and skin cells in the follicle. Other times the body is simply making too much sebum and when it mixes with the dead skin cells, it closes off the pore.

Underlying Causes

Some people naturally produce more oils than others, you can thank genetics for that particular perk. However, most cases of acne can be linked to hormonal fluctuations, which is why it normally forms during puberty and is likely to show up during the female menstrual cycle. Androgen hormones (sex hormones) cause the pores to enlarge and produce more sebum than normal which as stated above can lead to pore blockages and resulting acne.


There are several treatment options available, some are available over the counter and others require a prescription. The effectiveness of a particular treatment will of course depend on the underlying cause of your acne, but some of the best treatments are those that contain benzoyl peroxide. For severe cases, your doctor may want to try hormone therapy or antibiotic treatments, though both can have side effects.

Side effects and limited effectiveness have led many to seek out natural acne treatment options. There are several topical treatments that have shown to be fairly effective at treating acne break outs. Tea tree oil, organic skin care pads and vitamin E are at the top of the list for natural treatments.


Acne may be considered a teenage problem, but for a significant segment of the population, this problem continues into adulthood. Even though it is not dangerous, it can leave your self-confidence in tatters and result in serious scarring. If you are struggling with acne of the face, chest or back you might want to consider organic skin pads, this natural acne treatment has been shown effective in clinical trials and as an added bonus, they have no side effects.


Wrinkles, Acnes and other Common Skin Ailments

1 Aug

organic skin care
Blemishes on your skin, particularly those that affect the face, can cause embarrassment and self-confidence issues. Unfortunately, this is not just an issue teenagers deal with! People of all ages suffer from skin issues and struggle to find adequate treatments that do not cause more grief with side effects than the problem they are supposed to solve.


Acne is a common skin disorder that often occurs with the onset of puberty and abates by age 25. For some people this can be an extremely long time, and for those who suffer with acne throughout their adult life it can be nearly unbearable. Acne is caused by clogged skin pores or hair follicles. Inside each follicle, there are skin cells and oils, as the skin cells die oil rises through the follicle and carries it out the top. Problems occur when the pore becomes clogged with excess oil, dirt, debris or dead skin cells.


Wrinkles are an expected part of aging. As you get older, collagen and elastin’s in the skin are reduced. Hormones and sun exposure play a large role in aging and in particular wrinkles. While you cannot turn back the clock or completely avoid the occurrence of wrinkles, you can delay them and reduce their effect on your appearance.


Considered an inherited disorder, eczema is a very common chronic skin condition with no known cure. Doctors are not exactly sure what causes eczema but many believe it is an overreaction of the body’s immune system to a specific, yet unknown, trigger. For some people their eczema is closely tied to allergies, particularly food allergies, but this is not true in all cases. What is known is the fact that eczema sufferers need to take extra care with their skin.

Skin Care

If you suffer from any of the above conditions or a combination of two, it is important to take proper care of your skin. Pay attention to the types of cleansers, moisturizers and beauty products you currently use. Are you using organic skin care products? Are your facial pads causing more harm than good? Carefully consider the ingredients in your skin care regimen, the more items you cannot pronounce on the list the more you should consider a new product!

Your skin will absorb up to 65% of any product you put upon it, this means all those ingredients you cannot pronounce are winding up in your system.