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The Best Foods for a Cleaner and Healthier Skin

9 Dec

Organic skin care is the option of preference for many people. Even individuals that suffer from dermatological conditions like acne or eczema are trying to find chemical-free remedies. Finding a natural acne treatment or a routine that affects other common skin problems can be challenging. Changing your diet may be one of the best ways to address dermatological issues and to enjoy healthier skin.

Foods Rich in Anti-Oxidants
Organic skin care should start with getting enough anti-oxidants from your diet. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals that are responsible for cell aging. If you want skin that is elastic and more youthful, you should increase the consumption of foods rich in anti-oxidants.

Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are powerful anti-oxidants and they are delicious. Products that contain vitamin C need to be included in your diet on a regular basis, as well. These include lemons, oranges and tomatoes among many others.

Low-Fat Dairy
Yogurt contains beneficial proteins and vitamin A that plays an important role in skin health. Stick to low-fat varieties and make sure that your yogurt does not have any added sugar.

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that help keep the digestive tract healthy. New studies establish a connection between healthy digestion and clear skin. Probiotics and enzymes are essential for the proper functioning of the digestive tract, which means that they could also influence skin health.

Salmon and Omega-3
Salmon and other fatty fish contain the essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Organic skin care is heavily dependent on the regular consumption of foods that contain Omega-3. Vegetarians can obtain healthy quantities from flaxseed and flaxseed oil.

Omega-3 fatty acids maintain cell membranes and are vitally important for the functioning and the good health of different kinds of cells. Strong cells are capable of storing water inside, which results in better hydration.

Foods to Avoid
To make your skin look better, you will have to avoid certain food. White bread is one of them.

White flour products like bread and pasta contain no essential nutrients and they could also be linked to a higher occurrence of certain skin issues. Wholegrain products are a much better alternative.

Try to limit your salt intake. Salt can make your face look puffy and some studies have established a connection between the consumption of salt and the occurrence of acne.


Natural Rosacea Treatment Options

15 Aug

Rosacea TreatmentRosacea is a skin condition that is often time mistaken for acne and is little understood by most individuals. It may present as a light flushing, similar to a blush, or be extremely red and blotchy. This is a disorder cleverly nicknamed the curse of the Celts since it occurs most frequently in those of Northwest European decent. It can occur in men or women, though ladies are three times more likely to get it than their male counterparts.


What is rosacea exactly? Many times, it is mistaken for acne due to its bumpy appearance and reddened skin. Most people are unaware of the disorder and more importantly how to recognize it. Onset usually occurs after age 30 but before age 60, and its prevalence is rising. Today many baby boomers are reaching the peak age for rosacea, which may account for a rise in incidents. Experts are not clear on the exact causes of rosacea but they do know it is a response to irritants.


Rosacea cannot be cured, but there are ways to control the disorder. Management is very important because without taking steps to control your outbreaks they can become worse. It is important to work with your physician first for diagnosis and then for proper treatment. Initial redness or bumps may be mistaken for eczema, which is commonly treated with topical steroids. The problem is, steroid creams will actually worsen rosacea.


Perhaps the most important part of your treatment plan is discovering the triggers for your outbreaks. The possible causes of your rosacea outbreaks are varied and it may take some time to determine yours. The most common triggers include, but are not limited to:

  • Sun exposure

  • Stress

  • Alcohol

  • Hot weather

  • Wind

  • Heavy exercise

  • Extreme cold

  • Spicy foods

Natural Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a disorder than can cause a great deal of psychological trauma. Sufferers almost universally report lower self-confidence and a tendency to avoid public situations and people when they are suffering a break out. While there are several medications, you can use to try to control symptoms many people prefer to seek out natural rosacea treatment options. A few possibilities include:

  • Reducing Inflammation- Research has shown inflammation plays a role in rosacea break outs; therefore, a good natural treatment option is an anti-inflammatory diet.

  • Stress Management- Stress is detrimental to your health overall and rosacea sufferers are particularly susceptible to its effects. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or even hypnotherapy.

  • Creams- studies have shown creams made with natural ingredients such as the Chrysanthellum indicum are particularly useful at controlling rosacea.